Saturday, November 25, 2017

Scholasticism for Evangelicals


  1. I haven't looked into Dolezal's new book but Frame seems to have pointed out Reformed thomism has bitten off more than it can chew. I have a question to the issue of timelessness. It seems that to those that doesn't except that God is Timeless the appeal to anthropomorphic( or Anthropopathism) language is arbitrary. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on that issue? Also would your responses to Bruce Ware be the same way you would respond to Frame?

    1. i) Paul Helm has expounded and defended the hermeneutics of classical theism in books and articles like "God in Dialogue," "The Problem of Dialogue," "Divine Impassibility: Why is it Suffering?"

      A problem is that Helm is a very prolific writers whose essays and are scattered hither and yon, which makes them inaccessible to most Calvinists. Oliver Crisp has a forthcoming collection of Helm's shorter pieces–although that will be pricey (I expect).

      ii) I discuss some hermeneutical criteria in my "Making a deal with the devil" post.

      iii) Ware did some initially useful work critiquing open theism. However, Ware is out of his depth on the philosophical issues, and his alternative to open theism is a hermeneutically and theologically unstable compromise.

      Frame's IQ is much higher than Ware's and Frame knows far more about the history of philosophy.