Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Crying wolf

 A basic problem with Black Lives Matter is that its approach is counterproductive. In principle, "institutional racism" could exist on different scales. There might be pockets of institutional racism in the country. For instance, a particular police department or precinct might discriminate against blacks. 

However, BLM insists on promoting the narrative of nationwide institutional racism. And the message drowns out what might be actual incidents which don't corroborate that overarching narrative. If you cry wolf all the time, people tune out. If you exaggerate racism, people stop listening. We know that BLM will default to that explanation before it even hears the details. It already knows in advance of the evidence in any particular case what the true explanation is, which is always the same explanation. That's so predictable and disconnected from any specific case that people cease to pay attention. We know ahead of time what BLM will say, no matter the circumstances, no matter the race or ethnicity of the cop, or the racial composition of the police force, or the mayor or city council or DA's office or judges. 

As a result, there may be bona fide cases of racially motivated police abuse, but that's too provincial to play into the overarching narrative. 

In addition, if someone has a reputation as a liar, then no one believes him even when he happens to tell the truth. That same dynamic can operate at an organizational level. They've blow their credibility, so even when there's a legitimate grievance, that's lost in the shuffle. There's little incentive to sift through all the false alarms to isolate the true stories from the spin and propaganda.

That's a problem with the cottage industry of fake hate crimes. After a while, the reflexive outrage becomes collective exhaustion. The result is to unfairly impugn the credibility of real victims, because their own side chronically overplays its hand. 

The "campus rape culture" generates the same problem. So do exaggerated claims of child abuse. 

Because one side wants to use this as leverage, and is ruthless about doing whatever it takes to achieve its aims, the people who have the most to lose are real victims. Their grievance has been co-opted by a machine. 

And that's because the movement is about power rather than justice. "Social justice" is merely the sales pitch. 

In addition, the agenda and demeanor of BLM and other SJWs is to put whites in their place. Their assigned role is to obsequiously submit to the judgment of the self-appointed SJWs. As a result, many whites who'd otherwise be sympathetic to a credible witness or well-documented grievance have become hardened to the nonstop character assassination of white folks and especially white males, or white straight males, or worst of all, white straight Christian males! Anyone who disagrees is labeled a Nazi. That tactic is a recipe for political oblivion. 

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  1. Some very good points. There's also the question of how much this is being orchestrated by Soros. Is it possible that one man could be at the root of so much lunacy?