Thursday, October 13, 2011

Your Wife Is Dying!


  1. Thanks Steve. This rings very close to home right now. We of course have great hope. This transplant is a "curative option". But there are many, many things that can go wrong, and Beth and I have on occasion, broached this subject. It is a hard one.

    The one thing that I will say is that, as we go forward, the breakthrough that my wife had is no doubt a direct result of her reflection on the thought that she might really die soon, combined with her willingness (finally) to come and hear the preaching of the Gospel. Even though I had explained it to her many times in the past.

    It took an incident like this in her life to bring her to not only to the kind of understanding that she has now, but to -- her word -- the pure "joy" she feels now in the Lord.

    We can only see this as a gift.

  2. That's beautiful, John. Our Lord does all things well. Even when we think there's no hope!