Monday, October 10, 2011

The End of Christianity

My Ref21 review of The End of Christianity:


  1. That article needs more Facebook Like button. It's very good and I'd like to share it socially.

  2. I truly enjoyed watching the wisps of spiraling smoke rising from the smoldering crater you left where TEoC once stood, Steve.


    Do you know where/when the full review will be available?

    In Him,

    P.S. - I've been listening to Frame's 26 installment lecture series on apologetics on RTS at iTunes U for the past couple of weeks. It's most excellent.

    I didn't realize you were an assistant for him until I read the bio at the end of your REF 21 article.

  3. William Lane Craig on Dealing with Doubt

    John Piper on how to deal with doubting God's existence

    John Piper on how to deal with doubting your own devotion to Christ

    John Piper - Battling Unbelief: Bank On His Faithfulness, Not Your Fickleness

  4. Thanks for those links, Pinoy!