Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leadership material

One of the primary objections to Romney is that he doesn’t believe what he says. Romney just tells votes what they want to hear, based on focus-group tested sound bites. However, Romney has another problem which receives less attention.

He’s also weak on the things he does believe in. For instance, he’s a businessman, and I’m sure he is pro-business. That’s something he is sincere about.

But even in that respect he suffers from temperamental inhibitions. He has a moderate disposition. Naturally middle-of-the-road.

He’d tweak the tax code. Make certain improvements. But he’s not a radical reformer. He doesn’t have that in his psychological makeup. He’s a technocrat. Someone who tinkers with the system. Even what he does best is diluted by his timid temperament. 

1 comment:

  1. if Romney becomes Pres. - he may compromise when the Dems & the Liberal media push and press him unceasingly. his past record makes it appear that he is not solid on important issues.