Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Caravan

Predictably the liberal media had a freakout over the fracas on the Southern border. Tear-gassing children! A few observations:

i) From what I've read, most of the invaders were adult men. In addition, they threw rocks and bottles at border-control agents. I don't know if the tear gas was used to keep the invaders at bay or in self-defense (to protect the border-control agents).

ii) Tear-gas is actually a pretty mild way to repel a mob. Compare that to shooting marauders. 

iii) From what I've read, the Obama administration deployed the same tactics:

Was the liberal media freaking out over that?

iv) This is a game of chicken. Who blinks first? The invaders decided to force the issue, so they were repelled. 

v) Using children as a human shield is a cynical tactic. A functional nation can't cave to that kind of open-ended extortion. Can't very well capitulate to whatever someone demands if they threaten to hurt a child (or put a child in harm's way) unless they get what they want. That's anarchy. That tactic mustn't be rewarded. There's no end to it. 

vi) National defense is fundamental duty of any head-of-state, while border control is fundamental component of national defense. You can't have national defense without border control. The Trump administration is doing what a commander-in-chief is supposed to do in that regard. 

vii) That's related in part to the right of private property. We can't open our doors to bandits who will plunder the country. Get on welfare, stay on welfare, commit ID theft, bankrupt the emergency rooms of hospitals, educate their kids at public expense. Siphon off social services they didn't pay into. These are raiding parties. They have no more right to barge in than looters, bank-robbers, house-burglars, and shoplifters. Border enforcement is necessary to protect private property. The livelihood of citizens. The medical and economic infrastructure. Not to mention introducing diseases into the host country. 

viii) In addition, when illegal immigrants commit voter fraud in sufficient numbers to swing elections, the defrauds citizens of the right of self-determination. 

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