Thursday, November 29, 2018

A testimony


  1. That was great. But when I clicked on link to the slideshow, the slide show doesn't work. I tried it in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
    Any thoughts?

  2. She does have other material:

  3. It's interesting both her and her brother became Christians despite their parents assiduously raising them in a secular home.

  4. I finally was able to get the slide show to work. All the science stuff went over my head. O well.
    By her testimony I thought she was going to be YEC, but she is OEC.

    I despair of trying to come to some of harmonious consensus between YEC and OEC and Intelligent design. All three have certain strengths, weaknesses.

    Intelligent design arguments, Cosmological, Moral, Teleological (Design) and Ontological arguments are good to start with, with atheists and Darwinian naturalists. (in evangelism and apologetics)

    But then OEC enables the skeptic to think more about those issues without getting sidetracked on the "day" issue and if the earth is 10,000 or 2 billion years old.

    YEC has the best exegesis though; but OEC allows for large animal death before the fall.

    But God can create age within the first creation pairs of animals and humans - Adam and Eve were probably age 16-21 (?) when created.

    But if a Christian scholar believes in OEC, then they usually explain the massive amounts of fossils of "hominids" as "soul-less" bi-pedal creatures, and that later God chose one pair of them to create Adam and Eve and give them "souls".

    "Too many things to understand;
    Too many things to comprehend;
    Too many things to try to know;
    Where do I begin?"