Sunday, November 25, 2018

Martyred missionary

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  1. That Dianna E. Anderson is a real sweetheart:

    “So this dude, who is not white but steeped in white American Christianity, decides he’s gonna be the guy who brings them the gospel.”

    Sounds like the only reason she’s not gleefully dancing in the street is because he wasn’t white.

    As a matter of historical fact there have been loads of guys and gals who have died because they decided to be the one’s to bring the Gospel to pagans. She wouldn’t have the freedom to write this if someone hadn’t done the same across ancient Europe.

    “Because of course this tribe can’t possibly believe in God because any God they have wouldn’t be the God of the American Conservative.”

    These people are such children. Yeah, if they’re worshipping anyone but the Biblical God it’s the wrong God. *gasp*