Friday, November 30, 2018


Arminian NT scholar and blogger Scot McKnight has a guest post by Ruth Tucker impugning John Chau as a publicity-seeker:

Unless I'm misremembering, I believe Ruth Tucker is an apostate. She wrote a book about her defection from the Christian faith several years ago. That doesn't mean her observations about Chau, Jim Elliot, and Elizabeth Elliot are necessarily wrong, but she does have an ax to grind. I find it odd that McKnight would host her diatribe without any awareness of the conflict of interest. 


  1. Many "respectable" Evangelical Biblical scholars rub close shoulders with apostates. Some of them are apostates in everything but public declaration as well.

  2. She wrote a book about people that lose their faith, but I don’t think she actually became an apostate.

    She wrote a book about her husband‘s abuse of her for 19 years .
    She is Egalitarian in her view of women in ministry - she believes women can be pastors and elders or seminary
    professors , but I did not find where she completely gave up the faith although I did find other apostate blogs that used her book to analyze the reasons why people leave the faith.

    Her earlier book, “ from Jerusalem to Irian Jaya” was a very well written book biographical snippets of the history of missions .

    1. Perhaps, but she spoke at an atheist association, which gives them ammo. And she plugged a review by rabid apostate John Loftus, so she's been playing both sides of the fence.