Thursday, October 13, 2016

What if Hillary wins?

If Hillary wins, as seems highly likely, that's very bad news. But does that mean the future is hopeless? 

Here's a possibility: Hillary's DOJ pushes the transgender agenda. That, in turn, encourages Democrat officials in various states to push the transgender agenda. That, in turn, provokes a tremendous popular backlash on the part of otherwise apathetic citizens or reflexive Democrat voters or independents. 

If Democrat politicians impose transgender policies regarding coed restrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams, will that alienate key voting blocks in the Democrat party?  

Likewise, what if we continue to have an uptick in domestic jihadist massacres that are easily linked to liberal immigration policies. 

We will see if there's a breaking point. To some degree, the Trump nomination in itself represents voter frustration with 8 years of Obama. But they chose a dud.

We also see how immigration policies in Europe are empowering rightwing parties. So it's a mistake to despair and assume the liberal trajectory is unstoppable.  

Here's another potentially, albeit unwittingly, promising development in the culture wars:

Increasingly, liberals are fanatical pet owners. Dogs and cats as a substitute for kids. They feel virtuous about their antinatalism. 

But here we have a powerful special interest group that's targeting the very concept of pets. And it's coming from the Left. If it gains steam, it may antagonize voters who reflexively favor Democrat candidates. It can be wedge issue, just like transgenderism. 

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