Monday, October 10, 2016

Objectifying women

One complaints about Donald Trump is that he "objectifies" women. Now, Trump is a certified creep, but that doesn't mean we should allow feminists to define morality. To my knowledge, the complaint about "objectifying" women originates with feminist sociologists. If fact, I've seen feminists complain that calling a woman "pretty" or "beautiful" is "sexist". 

Let's be honest for a moment. Human beings are sexual creatures. It's only natural and normal to view at least some members of the opposite sex from a sexual standpoint. If you wish, to view them as sexual "objects". 

In that regard, there are both similarities and differences between men and women. On the one hand, you will never hear a normal man complain that a woman "objectified" him or viewed him as a sex object. "You only love me for my body–not my mind!"

Likewise, if a pretty women were to slap a man on the butt–even a stranger–he wouldn't be offended. For the moment, I'm not discussing what's appropriate, but just making a descriptive observation. In that respect, I think there's some difference between men and women. Insofar as we admit men and women have different reactions, that undercuts feminism. 

Conversely, let's not pretend that women never "objectify" men. For decades, Hollywood has not only showcased actresses who are physically appealing to male viewers, but actors who are physically appealing to female. Women are quite capable of viewing men as sex objects. And some men would be disappointed if they didn't. 

Likewise, not a few women deliberately dress in ways that invite sexual objectification. They know exactly what they are up to. Again, I'm not discussing what's appropriate at the moment, but just making a descriptive observation. 

So I find the politically correct double standard rather tiresome. The only men who never "objectify" women are homosexual men. It's a two-way street.

From a Christian standpoint, it's wrong to prioritize appearances. And it's wrong to only judge a member of the opposite sex by their looks. 

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  1. Objectification, as I understand it, occurs when the subject person regards another person as an object, that is, as a thing to be used to satisfy the subject's own wants and needs. The subject person does not think of the other person as also being a subject, a person with wants and needs of their own. Both men and women do it. Personally, I feel that each person has primary responsibility for what they think and do. Though women are responsible for what they wear, they are not responsible for how men react to what they wear. A woman who gets raped may be wearing a so-called 'slutty' dress, but she is not to be blamed for her own rape. It is the man who only thinks of her as an object to be dominated who is to be blamed for his own thoughts and actions. But, there may be an overlap between a man's and woman's responsibilities in certain other kinds of situations. Trump's talk over the 'hot mic' seems to indicate a man who sees women to a large degree as objects to be used for a his own pleasure.