Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump and the gender gap

On Facebook, Robert Gagnon got into some impromptu debates with a few high-minded women when he argued that voting for Trump may be justifiable as the lesser of two evils. Because Trump is a male chauvinist pig, I think some women find it incomprehensible and unconscionable how any decent may could vote for Trump. If you vote for a male chauvinist pig, what kind of man does that make you? Because they disapprove of Trump, they disapprove of men who consider voting for Trump.

To some extent I think this may reflect stereotypical differences between men and women. I'm not talking about Alt-Right men. I'm talking about decent men. How can a respectable man consider voting for someone as disreputable as Trump?

I'm guessing this is how some men view it. As president, Hillary threatens the job security of millions of Americans. How so? Due to homosexual/transgender lobbyists. SJWs are utterly intolerant of dissent.

If you don't use transgender pronouns, you man well be fired. Or your business will be boycotted. Or fined.

Or suppose there's a "gay couple" in your office who decide to get married. Suppose the boss throws an office party to celebrate. Woe to you if you absent yourself from the party. Even if you don't verbally express your disapproval, nothing short of affirming them will save your job.

And it's not just at work. SJWs surveil social media for people who make politically incorrect statements. Likewise, they bait people into making politically incorrect statements.

There are probably men who consider voting for Trump to protect their family. They can't protect their family unless they can protect their livelihood. 

My point at the moment is not to debate whether that's a sufficient reason to vote for Trump. I'm a NeverTrumper. My point is simply that honorable men can have honorable reasons to vote for a dishonorable candidate–given the alternative. It's not that hard to fathom. 

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  1. I'm glad NeverTrumpers are sticking by their principles.

    When we have a liberal supreme court with no chance of ever overturning roe v. wade I hope christian never trumpers can feel good that they stood by their short-term political principles rather than their christian principles.

    if hillary wins, I intend to congratulate my christian never trump friends on keeping abortion legal nationwide for a very long time.