Saturday, October 15, 2016

Can Hillary succeed?

Conservatives rightly fear that Hillary will continue Obama's secularization of American society. No doubt she will try. How successful she will be is harder to say. Both Obama and Bill Clinton are natural politicians. By that I mean that for a certain kind of voter, they are charming and charismatic. They don't have that effect on me, they are popular with many Americans. And that enables them to promote divisive policies without appearing to be divisive. 

Hillary, by contrast, is divisive in style as well as substance. Because she's naturally strident, she will provoke opposition to a degree that Bill and Obama do not. So she may face much tougher sledding. 

Now I don't know what the breaking point of the American public is. I don't know if the American public has a breaking point. Even if it does, I don't know if the percentages will be sufficient halt or reverse course. That remains to be seen. But when you combine Hillary's heavy-handed agenda with her disagreeable personality, that's the best prescription for a popular backlash. The only question is the scale of the backlash. Will it be enough to unhorse the SJWs? This will be an all-out conflict. 


  1. The whole thing is upsetting except for an established faith in the providence of God. Neither HRC nor Trump is worthy of the presidency; HRC certainly doesn't deserve the distinction of being the first woman elected to the office. If Luther was right that God sends wicked rulers to wicked people, we need to repent in sackcloth and ashes.

  2. It's far worse than what you say about HRC: as a person who has willfully violated the Espionage Act, she should be rendered unfit and disqualified for any office. period

    1. And if she did that as Secretary of State, and got away with it, imagine what she will be emboldened to do as president!