Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Vetting jihadists

And even if you put all of that aside, which you wouldn’t, but if you wanted to, and just talked about the practicality of this, he was asked how do you police this. He said ‘well when you come through customs, the guy will ask you, are you a Muslim?’ And here is Donald Trump, tough guy, right? He’s going to really, he’s competent, all the others are incompetent. His answer is you’re going to ask them, is he a Muslim? Here’s a guy that Trump is saying, is high bound to come out and kill people innocently. But he’s going to be held to a George Washington-cherry tree standard of not telling a lie to an infidel immigration officer. So I think that Chris Stirewalt had the answer to this dilemma; he suggested that everybody coming through from Laguardia, JFK, Dulles would be forced to eat a ham sandwich. Now that way, I would admit, that some people will be caught in the net who shouldn’t. Orthodox Jews and vegetarians. But as Trump says this is war and there will be collateral damage, so we have to get serious about this.


  1. A simpler way would be to ban all immigration from a lot of countries unless a person can give good evidence that he is _not_ Muslim. That would put the burden of proof on the would-be immigrant.

    There are ways of doing this. The problem isn't that the whole idea is stupid in itself but that Trump is an insincere blowhard. The idea of stopping Muslim immigration is an idea that deserves a better advocate.

    1. "The idea of stopping Muslim immigration is an idea that deserves a better advocate."

      So true.

    2. "Trump is an insincere blowhard."

      Correct, he's Frankfurt's exemplar of a bullshitter.

  2. Better idea....

    Draw a picture of Muhhumad.