Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Trump on Muslims

Trump constantly makes rash brash comments that he doesn't really believe. Take his statement about Muslim immigration. Notice how he begins to bob and weave when questioned:

He always talks off-the-cuff. When he's grilled on his careless, hyperbolic statements, he immediately starts to amend them off-the-cuff. 

He's that way about everything. If he builds a casino, it will be the biggest and best casino that ever was. Only it won't be. If he builds a golf course, it will be the greatest golf course that ever was. Only it won't be. 

He doesn't take the issues seriously. He doesn't take his own statements seriously. He only takes himself seriously. 


  1. He's Frankfurt's consummate bull shitter.

  2. Trump is a frivolous candidate who sometimes raises serious issues.

    1. Precisely true.

      I've just had a depressing thought. People support Trump despite his patent insincerity because they stopped long ago expecting candidates to be sincere. Now they don't even expect them to keep up much of an appearance of sincerity.

      Merry Christmas.

    2. In a word, Trump is such a "loser."

      Bah humbug.