Sunday, December 06, 2015

Prophet without honor

In 1933, when Aaron Lebensträume was an 18-year-old college student, he began to have dreams about the future. He didn't know right away that these were about the future. He only found out later.

One time he dreamt about two diners in a restaurant having a conversation. Next day, as he was having lunch in that restaurant, he overhead two diners at adjacent table having that verbatim conversation.

Another time he dreamt about a traffic accident. The next day as he heading down the sidewalk, about to cross the street, that accident took place right before his eyes, at the very same intersection, with the same car models. 

After having several dreams like this, he had a dream about Hitler's rise to power, the death camps, and the carpet-bombing of German cities. He immediately began to warn his friends, family, and classmates about the future. They thought he was crazy.

He started to pass out leaflets at school, resulting in his expulsion from college. He then penned a self-published pamphlet. He'd stand on street corners, handing out copies of his pamphlet.

His parents found this embarrassing, and the authorities found this irksome. He was involuntarily committed to an asylum. There he found himself locked up with a real bunch of lunatics. Yet, in a way, they were more sane than his countrymen.

As time went by, the psychiatrist wore a Nazi uniform. Pictures of the Führer were posted in  rooms and hallways.

Inmates could hear airplanes overhead. At night, they could see the city in flames, on the horizon, through their grated windows. 

Aaron lost track of time. There came a point when the skies went silent. The staff deserted the asylum. Inmates were running out of food. The situation was getting desperate. 

Through the grated windows they saw American G.I.s approaching the asylum. The G.I.s broke down the doors and liberated the asylum. 

On foot, he made his way back home. Block after block was reduced to rubble. He saw a tattered copy of his pamphlet on a corner where he used to pass them out.

When he got home the house was damaged and abandoned. 

Then he saw an old neighbor. At first the neighbor didn't recognize Aaron, who, by then, had a few gray hairs. After Aaron introduced himself, the neighbor shook his fist: "The Jews have ruined us!"

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  1. Using Bing translator I found the name "Lebensträume" to mean "Living dreams." Good one Steve. ;-)