Saturday, December 12, 2015

I. H. Marshall

I. H. Marshall has passed away:

He was easily the most distinguished Arminian NT scholar of his generation. Moreover, unlike C. K. Barrett, a distinguished NT scholar who happened to be Arminian, Marshall was a very outspoken advocate for Arminian theology. He's one of the people who need to read if you wish to acquaint yourself with the best exegetical defense of Arminianism. 

He was an important Lukan scholar. And he was more conservative than Barrett. 

After the demise of F. F. Bruce, Marshall became the de facto successor to Bruce as the man a number of aspiring American NT scholars chose to supervise their doctorate. 

Mind you, Marshall wasn't in the same league as Bruce. Few are. 

Unlike Ben Witherington–another Arminian popularizer–who spreads himself very thin and writes for the sake of writing, Marshall was a concentrated scholar. He's a cut above Witherington–as well as Grant Osbourne (yet another Arminian popularizer). 

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  1. I don't see what Witherington thinks he's accomplishing by churning out all these backs. I've benefited from them and it's nice to see someone dealing with broad subjects in this age of hyperspecialization however.