Friday, July 03, 2015

Was last week a bad week for conservatives?

Many liberal pundits gleefully said last week was a bad week for conservatives. But that's misleading. It treats the culture wars like a sporting event where one team wins, the other team loses, and the spectators go home. 
Last week was a bad week for everyone. When conservatives lose, everybody loses. When liberals win, everyone is harmed. Liberal policies are destructive. Even liberals are harmed by liberal policies. In a sense, liberal policies are more harmful to liberals than conservatives insofar as liberals have less insulation. Liberals often act on their ideology. So it's like injecting heroine directly into the blood stream. 
Nothing can be more destructive than success if you're successful at the wrong thing. Kinda like thieves who unwittingly steal radioactive material. Even if they get away with it, they don't get away with it. 

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