Friday, July 03, 2015

SSM in Canada

In the wake of the SCOTUS decision on homosexual marriage, I've seen some Canadian Christians (i.e. Canadians who profess to be Christian) say American Christians are overreacting because Canada has had SSM for a decade without the dire consequences that American Christians predict. They accuse American Christians of alarmist rhetoric.

I hesitate to comment on the Canadian scene, since I obviously know less about that than the American scene, but it seems to me that they are ignoring political developments in Canada. For instance:

I'd also note that there comes a point where it becomes illegal to report on the dire consequences of SSM. That's "hate speech." Evidence is suppressed on pain of prosecution, then they turn around and exclaim, Where's the evidence?

Consider, for instance, how the "news" media covers for the homosexual community. That makes it hard to document the incidence of homosexual child molestation.

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  1. There was also this case:

    And the sex education issue has an even more unpleasant twist:

    The TW law school bit though stands as the most baffling (though not the most disgusting) to me, since it's almost removed from reality. A Christian school asks ALL their students to abstain from sex outside of marriage. The conclusion? Oh it's discrimination against the LGBT crowd.