Friday, July 03, 2015

Muslims Mean It. We Don't.

"Which folks are happy to be contrarian and swim against the tide? Gays, obviously, and the hard left, which is one reason things tend to go their way. But also Muslims. Look at that woman in the ice-cream van at the top of the page. That's a British 'ice-cream lady' of the 21st century. At a certain level, it's ridiculous serving 99s and raspberry ripples in a burqa. But at another, far more important level, it's not in the least bit ridiculous: it's telling you that these guys mean it - and they've figured out that you don't." (Mark Steyn)

For a recent illustration of Steyn's point, see the study released last week by the Department of Labor concerning how Americans spend their time. The average for hours per day spent on leisure and sports was 5.30. The average for religious activities was 0.14.

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