Saturday, July 04, 2015

Slavery and sodomy

Matthew Vines recently and repeatedly used slavery as a wedge tactic to justify the acceptance of homosexual "marriage." Slavery is frequently used as a wedge tactic by "progressive Christians."

I'd like to briefly draw attention to a biting irony, here. Slavery and homosexuality are far more analogous than Vines would like to admit.

People who suffer from addictions are enslaved to their addictions, whether it's pornography, gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, &c. 

The same thing is true for active homosexuals. They don't control it–it controls them. 

They are in bondage to their homosexual passions. It's all-consuming. 

Active homosexuals are often the mirror-image of womanizers: men whose existence is a string of one-night stands. If they're not having sex with a strange woman, they're on the look-out for their next conquest.

It's not coincidental that Scripture compares sin to slavery. You can be more enslaved to a particular sin than literal slavery. Your addiction to a particular sin is psychologically compulsive as well as physically and financially demanding. It never lets up. 


  1. It would appear that Vines and his enablers within the professing church are the predictable byproducts of a failing to exercise Biblical church discipline.

    It's fallen out of fashion, and on hard times, yet it's God's prescription for dealing with sin in the church.

  2. The slavery analogy is a horrible one for multiple reasons

    One you can find examples of church early Christians like Gregory the theologian and church fathers like St Patrick who denounced slavery as well as Gregory of Nyssa, others saw it as a "necessary evil" there was NEVER any time in church history where homosexuality was seen as justifiable till now after pressure from activists.

    Second it was Christians like William Wilberforce who were responsible for helping abolish Slavery and they were motivated by Christian values seeing slaves as image bearers, many of the most notable abolitionists were pastors and religious leaders, the pro homo movement on the other hand was pushed forward by homosexuals not out of desire for christian values. Christians are now of course selling out to maintain in the good graces of the world.