Thursday, July 10, 2014

The food police state

Vegans make a big deal about "meat is murder." That's their wedge issue. How can you love a puppy dog but eat a piglet? 

Admittedly, that's not a wedge issue for me. But in any event, it's important to keep in mind that veganism, as well as the animal rights movement that's driving it, is far more radical than eliminating meat from your diet. Vegans are equally vehement about dairy products. They claim dairy products are the result of the same inhumane, exploitative process as the meat industry. 

That means that if the vegan food police had their way, they'd not only ban beef, fish, pork, poultry, &c., but they'd ban pizza, ice cream, &c. If meat is murder, pizza is rape! As one vegan put it:

Most people believe that dairy isn’t a bad thing because an animal doesn’t have to die in order for you to get it.  But the truth is that an animal does have to die – in fact, many animals have to die – for the sake of that slice of cheese on your sandwich, or that milk in your cereal.  If you really care about animal rights, the first things you must eliminate from your diet are eggs and dairy. 
If you are a feminist like I am, dairy should really hit home for you.  This is because dairy is a business that profits off of the exploitation of the female reproductive system.  The entire life of a dairy cow is a never-ending nightmarish cycle of depression, torture and rape. 
These aren't just eccentric, powerless fanatics. They influence police policy. No idea from the loony left is too preposterous to catch on. Today's absurdity is tomorrow's law. 


  1. "This is because dairy is a business that profits off of the exploitation of the female reproductive system."

    That's insane. Babies "profit" by "exploiting" the female reproductive system. If they were consistent they'd ... oh wait. They support abortion already, don't they?

  2. Some vegans don't really care about the animals more than the fact that the animals are suffering. This is especially true of those vegans who are influenced by Buddhism. Some would be willing to detonate a Cosmic Doomsday Device if it would eliminate suffering in the universe.The logic is that if every creature died, there's be no more suffering in the world. They'd eliminate animal suffering in the wild if they could. Not realizing (or not caring) that sometimes animal suffering in the wild preserves the species. Predators can keep the genetic stock of species strong by weeding out the weak. Also, by not allowing a species to die out due to starvation. Too many deer, for example, can result in their starvation because there's too many of them feeding on the same limited food source. So, some of these vegans don't really care about the species. To these type of Buddhistic-like vegans, it's a narcissistic form of empathy.

  3. I read Wesley Smith's book A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement (New York: Encounter, 2010) and pulled a few choice quotations from it in regards to the animals rights movement.