Friday, July 11, 2014

Obama's opponents are "racist"!

The last-ditch retort of Obama apologists is that criticism of Obama is motivated by white racism. Now, it's really not incumbent on his critics to refute that allegation. Rather, the accuser bears the burden of proof. 

That said, one simple way of responding to this allegation is to ask the accuser which of Obama's policies Republicans and/or conservatives would support if he was a white Democrat rather than a black Democrat. If, say, Hillary Clinton had won the last two elections, and she was doing or proposing the same things, name which of her policies Republicans and/or conservatives would support. Give us a list. 


  1. I've been noticing that liberals of late have been lowering the bar for what counts as racism. Racial harmony would actually be disastrous to the Democrats.

  2. Republicans wouldn't accept any of Hillary's plans. They're sexist!