Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stephen Braude On His New Book And Recent Paranormal Research

Here's a recent interview with Stephen Braude that covers a wide range of topics, including his latest book, his experiences with opponents of parapsychology in academia, and an update on his research into the Felix Circle. The interviewers take up a lot of the air time, but Braude has some significant things to say when he gets a chance to speak. It's worth listening to, especially from around the middle of the program onward.

The interviewer who talks the most, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, the one who discusses the alleged reincarnation of her son, seems to have some significant credibility problems. See the thread here. But I'm citing the interview primarily for what Braude has to say.

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  1. Jason, I agree with you that Christian apologists need to deal with the paranormal more. Dealing with the paranormal actually "kills two birds with one stone." It disproves the most common version of materialistic atheism while at the same time addressing the paranormal which most people believe in (probably including the West). It's like the very efficient move of forking in chess where with one single move one can attack two (or more) opposing pieces.

    I'm sure you know about Dean Radin. For those who don't, here are some videos on YouTube.

    Men Who Stare at Photons, Part 1

    Men Who Stare at Photons, Part 2

    "Science and the taboo of psi"

    He has also written a number books. He's a non-Christian.

    My blog: Evidence and Arguments Against Materialism and Naturalism