Thursday, July 10, 2014


Arminian theologian Randal Rauser was raised in a "fundamentalist" church. Since then he's shifted to the opposite end of the theological spectrum. Only the ventilator of philosophical theology keeps his moribund faith from expiring. Yet he's discovered that he seems to possess a genuine, albeit low-grade, paranormal ability:
He finds that credible since it's something that happens to him personally. Assuming that this constitutes evidence for natural psychokinetic ability, imagine how much more someone could do whom God specially empowered (e.g. apostles, OT prophets), or someone in league with the devil (i.e. the Egyptian sorcerers). Yet Rauser undoubtedly rejects most Biblical miracles. His conflicted attitude nicely illustrates the unbeliever's rationalist/irrationalist dilemma (a la Van Til).  


  1. Ah this is interesting (and sad that I share an apparent connection to Randal Rauser, not my choice) This is something that has regularly and consistently happened to me, although only with certain specific street lights. But consistently enough that I noticed very quickly while growing up in my suburban neighborhood. I just thought it was some sort of broken sensor system or something (I know that makes no sense, but it never occurred to me that this . . . well anything, it just sat in the back of my head as an oddity. I NEVER bothered to look it up. Now I learn that there is a wikipedia article and that I am a superhero.)

  2. So, Steve, are you saying that Rauser is an unbeliever?

    1. That wasn't my primary point. However, I'm happy to accept extra credit for bonus points.