Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Premillennialism and Las Vegas

I appreciate Steve's recent, thoughtful millennial posts of late, reasoned analysis and insight for the millennial debate.

I am a premillennialist for several good reasons. In a few weeks in Las Vegas I will be giving a lecture on one of these reasons which I believe is airtight:


How to Give a Premillennial Airtight Argument Against Amillennialism
Did the binding of Satan mentioned in Revelation 20:1-3 occur at the first coming of Christ or will it occur at the second coming of Christ? This is the watershed question in the millennial debate. Kurschner will equip you with what he considers the best biblical argument against Amillennialism, explaining that the binding of Satan cannot happen before the second coming of Christ. You can use this argument with the best that Amillennial teachers have to offer.

For a preview of my argument, see this brief article:


Also, here is a related article that is helpful:


Maybe I can convince Steve to join me in Vegas.

I can't finish this post without a shameless plug for my new book!

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