Thursday, July 24, 2014

Impending persecution

When Christian social critics warn about the impending persecution of Christians in America, there are fellow Christians who think it's insightful to remark Christian Americans have nothing to complain about. We don't know what real persecution is. Just compare what passes for "persecution" here with what Christians face in the Muslim world.

But that completely misses the point. The purpose of this warning is to take precautionary measures to forestall that very development. If you wait until it gets really bad, then it's probably too late to reverse it. Yes, no doubt things could get far worse for Christian Americans. And dismissing that concern pretty much ensures that it will happen. Some Christians can't see three feet ahead of them. They just wait for things to befall them. If you wait for the volcano to erupt before you evacuate, there's no time to escape the pyroclastic flow

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