Saturday, July 26, 2014

Islam is the problem

Some evangelicals are confused or conflicted about taking sides in the "Palestinian" conflict. They think support for Israel is too one-sided. We need to be fair to the "Palestinians." 
Speaking for myself, I'm not a dispensationalist. I'm not a Christian Zionist. 
I don't assume that 1948 is a significant date on the eschatological timetable. I don't assume the establishment of the modern state of Israel represents the fulfillment of prophecy. Perhaps it does. I don't rule that out. But it's not a presupposition of my position.
I don't base my position on the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. I don't need to know who fired the first shot. 
My position can be summed up in one word: Islam.
My position is less about supporting Israel than opposing Islam. Opposing Islam is my default setting. That's the frame of reference. 
Perhaps the so-called Palestinians have historical grievances. Frankly, that's irrelevant.
I don't need to research the past to arrive at my position. The present will do just fine. 
I see what happens when Muslims migrate to other parts of the world, like England, Europe, Canada, and the US (e.g. Michigan) where they have no historical grievances. Where it's a clean slate. 
They begin to impose Sharia. They begin to persecute the locals. 
They bring their culture with them. They import their religion. 
Notice, too, how Muslims are systematically and ethnically cleansing historically Christian pockets of the Mideast. Take a cue. 
Islam is the problem: first, last, and always.
Islam should be opposed, always and everywhere.
It's a simple policy.
I see what Muslims to do others, and I see what Muslims to do themselves. 
Some people might object that I'm overgeneralizing. Not all, or even most, Muslims are terrorists. Maybe not, but just see how they behave whenever and wherever they come to power. 
Even if (ex hypothesi) most Muslims aren't terrorists, the "moderates" are intimidated by the zealots. They keep their mouths shut and go along with the radical elements.
Like an invasive species or computer virus, Islam takes over.
Never empower Muslims.  Don't give an inch. 
No one benefits by empowering Muslims. Everyone suffers as a result: Muslims and non-Muslims alike. 
Islam is the world's most dangerous ideology. It produces a pathologically destructive and self-destructive culture. 


  1. We should oppose Islam because it teaches Salvation by Works, like every other Apostacey form the Judeo-Christian tradition. (If you think Mormonism can qualify as Christian, then so does Islam).

    But all this stuff about it being such an inherently Violent Religion is B.S. taking certain Koran passages out of context. like has been done with Our Bible by our enemies. I highly recommend Chris White's video on YouTube refuting the idea of Religious Wars.

    1. i) Taking Koranic passages out of context? You mean like this?

      ii) In addition, you have a simplistic understanding of Islam. Islam isn't a Koran-only religion. Islam is a religion with authoritative traditions:

  2. "Islam is the world's most dangerous ideology."

    I'd add Marxism. Both operate by encouraging people to live down to their vilest instincts/impulses, which they elevate to virtues.

  3. If anyone's interested, I've collected 5 videos by Sam Shamoun and David Wood on 50 reasons why Muhammad is not a prophet here:

    Muslims are taught that Muhammad's life is worthy of emulation. That it's an example for all the world (not just Muslims) of justice, righteousness and mercy. Yet, when one looks into Muhammad's life, that claims rings hollow. Based on Muhammad's actual life, I don't know how anyone can claim that Islam is not an inherently violent religion.

    the titles of the videos are:

    Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

    Ten MORE Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

    Another Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

    Yet Another Ten More Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

    Yep, Its Ten More Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet

  4. Its posts like these that allow Israel to target innocent women and children while the world just stands back and watches. Remember the good Samaritan? Jews despised the Samaritans because they did not believe as he did. But the Samaritan did the Father's will. He put his faith into action by doing it. And when Paul spoke against the works of the law he was speaking of the ritualistic Mosaic laws, not acts of kindness and love.

    Travel to a Muslim country, and you will find that there is more kindness there then you will find from your average American neighbor. Don't be deceived by Western propaganda.

    ISIS - the radical group we are seeing today - is the product of a joint effort by the CIA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to overthrow Assad. That failed, but now we have yet another radical group as an excuse to go to war yet again.

    Due to the fact that Islam destroyed idolatry, and returned many to monotheism, he was a sort of prophet. He was not given the same revelation as Christianity. But it was a step in the right direction, for at that time the church began to fall away under the influence of the Catholic Church. Don't judge Islam by the radicals - its like Muslims judging Christianity from the crusades.