Saturday, December 21, 2013

Who really hates homosexuals?

Who hates homosexuals? GLAAD hates homosexuals. GLAAD is a hate group. Piers Morgan hates homosexuals. The only homosexuals they love are dead homosexuals. The more dead the better.

Just Google what the politically correct CDC has to say about the health risks. It's a dangerous, deadly lifestyle.

Piers Morgan and hate-groups like GLAAD are no different than dope dealers who get teenagers hooked on heroine or cocaine, then keep feeding their habit until they die from the medical complications. Glamorizing homosexuality is no different than glamorizing hard drug addiction. 

Years ago there was a special about a Half Ton Teen. He was supermorbidly obese. He was eating himself to death. He was bed-ridden. 

In fact, he was too incapacitated to get that overweight. He couldn't shop for himself or cook for himself. How did he get that overweight? He had a doting mother. She was the enabler.

Although she viewed herself as a loving mother, she was literally killing her self-indulgent son by pandering to his insatiable appetite. 

That's how GLAAD loves homosexuals. That's how Piers Morgan loves homosexuals. When you reinforce someone's high-risk behavior, when you reinforce their destructive lifestyle, you aren't acting in their best-interests. Just the opposite. You are contributing to their demise. 

It's like handing a suicidal teenager a loaded revolver. Is that love?  


  1. Quite correct. I suppose they think that Michelle Obama trying to get fat people to eat healthier is a hateful thing. I'm no MO fan, but I can at least recognize that she's pushing something that is fundamentally good for people. Whether gays agree with us on a moral level, It's reasonable to see that there is a healthy component to our position.

  2. Well said Steve. I watched a CNN interview with Piers interviewing Michael Brown and a couple others on the Duck issue. Piers admitted that he was a Roman Catholic and dissed the Bible on a couple of issues.

  3. And the government will be the enabler for all those naughty-or-nice lifestyle choices!
    No matter who’s under the mistletoe
    Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled!

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