Friday, December 20, 2013

When Christians Are Represented Well

Alan Kurschner drew my attention to a video of Michael Brown on Piers Morgan's television program, discussing the Duck Dynasty controversy. It's good to see somebody like Brown representing Christianity so well against such irrational opponents. It's rare to see this sort of thing in the mainstream media.


  1. Yes, I'm quite glad we exported Piers Morgan. He is pretty insufferable.

    Sorry you guys got him though. And well done Dr Brown.

  2. Yes, Brown's comments were good. I wish, at the end, he would have forced Morgan to define the "more rights" he's accusing Brown of advocating before moving into the point about what other forms of "marriage" Morgan might want to prohibit, though. That would have eliminated any basis Morgan thought he had for cutting him off for being "ridiculous." But under that kind of pressure, he was amazing!