Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Consensual freedom

From what I've read, freewill theists generally make informed consent a condition of free choice. 

Freewill theists also presume to speak on behalf of what all humans want. Given a choice, humans would rather have libertarian freedom, despite the cost, than have a safe, pain-free existence without libertarian freedom.

But in freewill theism, that's a decision God makes for them. God does say, here's one fork in the road. This is your life without libertarian freedom. A happy life free of personal tragedy.

And here's another fork in the road. This is your life with libertarian freedom. A life marked by tragedy. Irreparable loss. Which do you prefer?

Free agents aren't given that initial choice. That is made for them. Taken out of their hands. 

"I'll give you freedom whether you like it or not!" 

So there's an ironically paternalistic quality to freewill theism.

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