Friday, September 06, 2013

The curse of Ham


  1. Why do you say capital punishment is grounded in creation and yet eating blood is not, since both were pre-Mosiac. In addition, the prohibition of eating blood seems to be reaffirmed in Acts 15.

  2. i) Capital punishment isn't transcultural just because it's pre-Mosaic. Rather, the narrative gives a transcultural reason: capital punishment is tied to the image of God in man. By contrast, there's no transcultural reason given for the prohibition against consuming blood.

    ii) Avoiding the consumption of blood is a matter of degree. It's not as if ancient Jews could could completely exsanguinate an animal. Draining the blood is partial.

    iii) Acts 15 reaffirms the prohibition on pragmatic grounds. Acts 15 takes a compromise position. To avoid giving unnecessary offense to Jewish sensibilities.

    iv) Mind you, Christians can frequent kosher delis!