Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Making the cut

An atheist on human worth:

There is no magic objective standard to say when an organism is a person. We rely entirely on cultural perspectives to define when we grant that organism the rights and privileges of a full member of the culture. This does not imply that I personally approve of societies that treat a newborn as expendable, only that it’s clear that there is no objective or scientific boundary. We always rely on an arbitrary definition. 


Although abortion is his immediate point of reference is abortion, notice that his position on abortion is just a special case of a general principle. Who makes the cut applies to anyone, in any condition, at any time of life. 

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  1. It's funny that the author denies a "magic objective standard", but then concludes, "it's clear that there is no objective or scientific boundary". How could he possibly affirm the latter with any conviction if he concedes the former? He moves from the auto-biographical "I have no magic objective standard" to then pontificate there is therefore no objective or scientific boundaries. It's like someone trying to kill themselves while not really wanting to die. Atheism stems from an apparent fear of commitment.