Thursday, September 05, 2013


Who needs Spider-Man when you've got Spider-Trans?

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  1. Children should decide for themselves? I have one son who likes animal husbandry, puzzles, computers and firearms. He's also my theologian and Bible teacher. My younger son likes superheroes, boating and fishing. He's my evangelist. My daughter likes stuffed animals and dolls, art, crocheting, etc. She wants to be a teacher.

    I didn't foist anything on my kids. It seems there are proclivities that are natural for normal children according to their genders. The sort of thinking that wants to androgynize the playing field, so to speak, of children would force them to investigate toys that don't interest them. So let's punish boys who tear the limbs off of dolls and look up their skirts instead of channeling or force girls to go learn to throw a ball the right way instead of channeling their natural inclinations in ways that are productive.