Thursday, September 05, 2013

An evaluation of the NIV11

This looks informative:

"An Evaluation of the 2011 Edition of the New International Version" by Rodney Decker.

Speaking for myself, I usually read and quote from the ESV. I consider the ESV my primary English translation. But I read the NIV11 as well. Among others.

I try to read the Bible in other languages besides English when I can too. Although that's admittedly infrequent.

As Steve wrote, it's good to complement reading the Word of God with hearing it. I have a couple of different English audio Bibles I listen to from time to time.

Given this, perhaps it comes as no surprise to say I don't really have a terribly strong conviction over recommending a particular English translation. So long as it's not something like the NWT.

I do think, if possible, it'd probably be a good idea to try to tailor a translation to a particular person. Although this assumes, among other things, that we know the person well enough to say and that we ourselves are competent enough to do so.

For example, I have relatives and friends whose first and native language isn't English, although English is their primary language, if that makes sense. Similarly, I know people who are basically bilingual but seem to have average to maybe above average but far from great reading and listening comprehension, not to mention traces of accents, in both languages. In any case, some of these people have a difficult time grasping much if not most of how the ESV reads. (Forget the KJV!) So the NIV11 is actually helpful to them in ways that, say, the ESV ain't (e.g. the NIV11 reads a lot more clearly to them).

Anyway, just some of my random thoughts.

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