Monday, November 26, 2012

The war on men


  1. I've always thought it ironic for women to demonstrate how much better than men they think they are by... acting like men.

  2. It's also the case that men have been successfully emasculated by popular culture. Here's a sometimes hilarious video titled The Effects of Emasculation, Part I

    WARNING. This definitely NOT a Christian video and so has vulgarity and innuendo et cetera. This DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. I post a link to it because it gives great examples of how men have been emasculated.

    Also, it's now a scientific fact that modern men are exposed to estrogen mimicking chemicals in daily products and plastics that lower/neutralize testosterone and prematurely result in andropause.

    Here are some random links I googled:

    Study: Most plastic products trigger estrogen effect

    Estrogen in Plastic affecting Boys

    Hormone-Mimics In Plastic Water Bottles Act As Functional Estrogens

    How to Lower Estrogen Levels in Men

    1. At 12 minutes into the above video it makes a valid point.

      "Feminists emasculate males by removing their authority over women. Instead of caring for women, men are now forced to compete against them."

  3. "Women aren’t women anymore...Now the men have nowhere to go."

    Perhaps this is also one reason why there seems to be an increase in American men marrying women from cultures with more traditional roles for men and women? Not that these cultures are by any means perfect in their gender roles, but at least the women are more like women than in Western culture. If so, this would be attractive to men.

  4. Thanks a lot, Steve. And thanks to you as well, ANNOYED PINOY. I found all the links very helpful. I shared the videos with my girlfriend, and she agreed with the majority of the content in those videos. Unlike those feminazi nuts, she pushes all the right buttons with me, and reading this material and previous articles that you've linked to, Steve, helped me appreciate what a lucky guy I am to have found a woman who loves true masculinity and not only doesn't hate me for being a guy, but loves the things about me that makes me a man.

    Thank you once again, you guys.