Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dropping a wet firecracker

In this book Brodie (a major biblical scholar) drops a bombshell: he has been convinced that Jesus never existed as a historical person since the 70s.

Here’s another bombshell: if atheism is true, then Bertrand Russell ceased believing in atheism since the 70s.  

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  1. I think the book actually, bizarrely, harms Carrier's position more than anything, at least going by his review.

    To hear him tell it, this book is written by someone who denies a historical Jesus, yet who still accepts all or most of the key evidence that Carrier thinks is essential to dispense with in order to suggest that Jesus didn't exist. So you, oddly enough, have someone who's clearly not biased against mythicism (they accept a kind of myth-position), yet who at the same time still accepts the very evidence Carrier is trying to explain away (while giving his own spin on it, which Carrier thinks is unconvincing.)