Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Michael Shermer dons a clerical collar

One of my concerns about some hardline cessationists is the way their scepticism towards modern miracles implicitly casts doubt on Biblical miracles. If a cessationist automatically and invariably greets every reported miracle in modern times with the same debunking mentality as James Randi or Michael Shermer, then why assume biblical witnesses are somehow more believable? It seems arbitrary to draw a bright red line between the total credibility of biblical witnesses and the total incredibility of modern witnesses.

Now, some cessationists like Jack Cottrell and Francis Nigel Lee do make allowance for modern miracles, but with a significant caveat: they classify all modern miracles as demonic.

This creates an odd asymmetry. During the church age, the Devil is free to perform miracles while the Holy Spirit is disarmed.

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