Thursday, February 10, 2011

Testimony to Our Time

I’m going to comment on a policy statement at WSC:

Among other things, it says:

  The Board and Faculty of WSC have unanimously adopted this testimony.

Of particular interest is the following provision:

 Concerning Abortion 
We believe:
  • That the unborn child from conception is a human being in the image of God.
  • That abortion as practiced today is a scandal and a grievous sin.
  • That laws to protect the right to life of the unborn are needed in our land and throughout the world.
  • That the Christian community must teach and exemplify biblically responsible sexuality and reproduction and must provide support services for pregnant women to facilitate the choice of a live birth.

Keep in mind that the framers of the document were ordained ministers. And the current faculty are ordained ministers as well. So I pose the following questions:

i) Do the 2k members of the faculty deem it appropriate for representatives of the church (i.e. church officers) to lobby (in public or private) for prolife legislation? Or does that confound the kingdoms?

ii) The document’s opposition to abortion is grounded in a Scriptural rationale, viz. “grievous sin,” “the image of God.” So is it acceptable for Word of God to norm public policy?

iii) Assuming that’s acceptable, where do the 2k faculty draw the line?

iv) According to 2k penology, what parties to an abortion should be legally liable?

v) According to 2k penology, what penalties are suitable in case of abortion?

vi) What are the 2k faculty doing to instruct students on their Christian civic duty, as enjoined by imperative terminology of the institutional policy?

vii) In the event that some 2k faculty dissent from the official policy of the seminary, what disciplinary measures will the Board be taking to enforce the terms of the policy?  

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  1. I’m going to comment on a policy statement at WSC:

    These are most excellent comments, comments which highlight the incoherent mess that R2K is.