Sunday, February 06, 2011

2k statecraft: do what we say, not what we do

To my knowledge, the faculty at WSC who promote 2k are all ordained ministers. That raises an awkward question: when they publish books and articles, or speechify on social ethics and public policy, aren’t they confounding church and state, fusing/confusing the two kingdoms, diluting the spirituality of the church, mixing cult and culture, &c.?

According to 2k strictures, shouldn’t ordained ministers confine their teaching to the mission of the church, rather than binding the conscience of lay listeners and readers as well as seminarians by foisting their views of natural law ethics, and its bearing on the duties of believers and unbelievers in the public square? Aren’t they politicizing the work of the church?

And while we’re on the subject, why is WSC still an independent seminary? Given the high-church ecclesiology of the faculty, shouldn’t it be under the supervision of a Reformed denomination? 

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  1. "2k statecraft: do what we say, not what we do"

    These R2Kers are hypocrites.