Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Would Chuck Smith Have Counseled Heather and David Britton?



  1. What a marvelous stunning story.

    My wife once worked with a child who had various developmental issues.

    This was during a student placement during her studies. She had to take a leave of absence one year and during that time the child would only behave by being reminded that Cindy would not be happy to hear of her bad behaviour.

    The child because of many health difficulties would die on the operating table during one of her many procedures.

    My wife took many pictures but NONE with the child ever turned out. But all the others on the same rolls of film did.

    Let us not assume we hold the power of life and death but rather that all are given to us to teach us different things. And we should be thankful.

    Chuck Smith is disqualified from the job of advising. Unless he repents.

    Culture only despises us when we water down the Word of God and what is supposed to be our presence in this world. It will not make our witness more effective.

  2. Good article to illustrate the folly of ascribing infallibility to doctors!