Thursday, October 08, 2009

What Medved Did To Dawkins

Michael Medved interviewed Richard Dawkins in the third hour of his radio program today. I think I just heard Jonathan Wells as the first caller. He wasn't identified, except by his first name, but I recognized the voice, and he later went on to refer to his time at Berkeley. Dawkins didn't know who it was. I don't think that speaks well for his discernment skills. Bruce Chapman of the Discovery Institute was the third caller, and he was identified by his full name and association with the Discovery Institute, unlike Wells. Apparently, either Medved planned to allow prominent intelligent design advocates on the air as the first callers or those men decided, together, to try to get on the air without Medved's knowledge. I suspect Medved knew about it. I wonder if Dawkins would have agreed to appear on the program if he'd anticipated such an arrangement.

I just heard Dawkins define faith as belief without evidence. He offered no evidence for that erroneous definition, of course.


  1. Seeing that Dishonest D likes stacking the deck regularly...going on Medved's show demonstrated his lack in discernment.

  2. Here's a partial description of what happened on the program, including a transcript of Dawkins' discussion with Chapman.