Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

Richard Dawkins has published a brand new book. To judge by the title, I was expecting it to be a book on the history of redemption–in the tradition of Geerhardus Vos. But to judge by reviews, it’s apparently a book in which he marshals the evidence for evolution. What a letdown!

I haven’t read it yet. I’ve already read various textbooks on evolution by evolutionary biologists. Indeed, I’ve read a few of Dawkins’ other books on evolution.

I’d just note in passing that Dawkins has set the bar very high. He’s the world’s leading apologist for evolution. So this represents the best case for Darwinism. All in or all out.

And therein lies the danger. The evidence for naturalistic evolution or macroevolution is far more persuasive the less evidence you actually present.

Dawkins is like a magician who, after sawing the pretty assistant in half, shoves the box aside to reveal the trapdoor. Magic works best when you don’t disclose your methods and sources. Too much information dispels the illusion.

I expect that theistic evolutionists, old-earth creationists, young-earth creationists, and intelligent design theorists will find this book a priceless exposé of evolution’s many vulnerabilities.

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  1. Odd on two counts. 1. Science doesn't hang on Richard Dawkins, and thank God for that. He's giving his own review of the science for the lay audience. Science will march on regardless of Richard Dawkins. If he could just resist laying on the anti-religion propaganda he'd have much more success educating the public. If you want outreach without the atheism go to
    2. Theistic evolution is only grouped with creationism by Dawkins, Myers, et al. No believer that sufficiently understands science has an interest in misinforming anyone about the scientific community's work. A theistic evolutionist would admit that Dawkins is a pretty good science educator even if they find his anti-religion campaign rude.