Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Trouble with Bubbles

Dr. Dave McBubble, designer of the revolutionary XRX 2000 Bubblator, along with his wife Sudsy, their older son Bubba McBubbles, and their twins Bebub and Bobub, will be appearing on EWTN this Sunday.

The Bubblator, with patented Kryptonite technology and chromium tailfins, ejects 50,000 supersonic bubbles per nanosecond to boldly go where no bubble-bath has ever gone before.

As documented in Carl Sagan’s Billions and Billions of Bubbles (Cornell University Press 1993), the Bubblator is a certified cure-all for everything from warts and bunions to acrophobia and bubonic plague.

Nine out of ten amputees report spontaneous regeneration after three immersions.

(One out of ten amputees reports spontaneous combustion.)

Not sold in stores!

(Scantily-clad model not included.)

Order within the next thirty minutes and get a free copy of Jonathan Prejean’s Smells & Bells: The History of Aromatherapy from Maximus the Confessor to Urs von Balthasar (St. Vladimir’s Press, 2006).

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