Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dave's Babe-O-Rama

“In pornography or masturbation with internal fantasizing, 'women' are used in the abstract as tools. They are still dehumanized and cheapened and lowered to means to an end. Just because a woman isn't really there makes no difference, according to Jesus' principle of lust already occurring in the heart and hate already being the root of murder.”

One wonders how this squares with Armstrong's use of scantily-clad bimbos as a come-on to advertise his product.

BTW, what search terms did he use to pull up these web images? Was it something like "hot chicks (clothing optional?)"


  1. And the guys in the suana look like they are, well uh, forget it.

  2. .."scantily-clad bimbos" or 'hot-chicks (clothing optional)' images..."

    What can I say? I'm simply blown-away. Some nasty-stuff you are linking to here. Could you link to some more?

  3. Sure, Cramdon. How about some great Protestant nude art (one from the same guy who did Luther's vulgar anti-Catholic woodcuts):

    Ooh, those cute German models that old Cranach used! Maybe the model was a former nun, "rescued" from the convent! What is it with these Lutherans? Don't they know that the human body is a wicked thing?

    Maybe Luther was there, too, waiting in line, to ask Cranach to do woodcuts of popes hanging from the gallows, having their tongues cut out, etc.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.