Friday, May 15, 2020

Don't play fetch the ball

Recently I saw a site that lists 2431 objections to Christianity. Of course, nobody has time to respond to 2431 objections. Indeed, that's the point of the site.  

Instead of fielding a hugely padded list of objections, why not focus on the evidence for Christianity? If you have sufficient evidence that something is true, you don't need to answer any objections.

It's not a Christian responsibility to perform an impossible task. We can't play fetch the ball with an unbeliever–where we have to chase the ball wherever he throws it. If you have sufficient evidence that something is true, you can leave puzzling objections unexplained. 

If unbelievers refuse to appreciate that fact, then that's their problem. There's no reason to feel desperate because they make unreasonable demands on us. There are limits to what Christians can do. The Christian is safe in the boat while the unbeliever is drowning. If he refuses to take your hand, he's the one who has everything to lose. It's a pity, but he created that predicament for himself. We can't help those who refuse help because the insist that we only provide a certain kind of help which isn't reasonable or feasible.

When someone says I won't believe unless you refute 2431 objections, that's a stalling tactic. What he's really saying is that he will never believe, by erecting an endless set of barriers. Even if you answered 2431 objections, he next move would be to challenge each answer. So it constantly multiplies.

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