Thursday, May 14, 2020

Is God the Son Begotten in His Divine Nature?

Regarding this article:

1. I agree with Craig's critique of eternal generation.

2. I'm not going to comment on his general alternative (pp25-26). I don't care to get into the weeds of exegeting and assessing it. 

I've articulated my own model of the Trinity on numerous occasions. I'll stick with that.

3. However, a basic problem with Craig's position in this article is reducing the Father/Son distinction to the economic Trinity. That's mistaken because, on occasion, the NT clearly uses "Son of God" (or "Son" for short) as a divine title. His identity as the ontological Son of God figures in his deity. If he's the Son of God, then by implication he's divine. Reducing the Father/Son distinction to the economic Trinity can't explain that entailment in NT usage. And it's not a minor point. 

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  1. I think you meant ontological, not oncological. 😂