Sunday, March 17, 2019

School discipline

Here's a good example of what's wrong with many inner city schools:

However, I'd like to discuss something else. To my knowledge, life in the Hood fosters a macho culture. You have to be tough to survive, or you have to act tough to survive. Now, the education establishment already despises natural masculinity. The objective is to psychologically emasculate boys. In addition, the culture of the education establishment means that many male teachers are progressive pansies. If the education establishment is already ill-equipped to deal with natural masculinity, it has no idea how to cope with machismo. You're going to have limp-wristed male teachers whom the boys can't take seriously as real men. And if they don't respect the men, they sure won't respect the women. Moreover, many teachers fear the more aggressive male students, and students can see that. 

It's my impression that in tough schools, the only teacher male students look up to is the coach. My father was a WWII vet. During his career, teaching junior high, I assume many of his male colleagues were WWII vets, Korean war vets, or Viet Nam vets. Ay the risk of overgeneralization, I expect men with that kind of background tend to carry themselves differently than nancy boys with teaching certificates. 

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