Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Saving the life of the mother

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People are talking about the medical necessity of abortion to save the mother's life. I was one of those mothers.
I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that was cutting off my airway at 20 weeks of pregnancy. I will never forget when the first doctor, an oncologist, mentioned abortion. We had gone thru years of infertility to get pregnant. I knew I would rather die and give birth. Then I met with another doctor who listed all of the problems the baby would have if I did not terminate. I stood my ground and refused. He said, "That is ok. The baby will probably spontaneously abort anyway."
I searched and found good doctors that supported me, and I gave birth to a healthy baby at 34 weeks.
I will be celebrating 10 years cancer free in May. I have a healthy, beautiful, bright, precious 10 year old daughter who is a living reminder that doctors do not know everything.

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