Monday, March 18, 2019

Infant Baptism in the First-Century Presupposition Pool


  1. Looks like you can get it here without needing to share data with Google/Facebook/etc.:

    1. That's a dead link, David.

    2. > That's a dead link, David.

      Works fine for me - I downloaded it and read it.

  2. Somebody please clarify for me. I'm trying to read the paper but it is fuzzy at times in its text/print. I tried to download the PDF but I'm no longer on FB and 'Google+' is a complete nightmare. However, Steve's link appears to encompass the full paper, even if the page numbers indicate otherwise.

    The paper's subject pushes my buttons. I have long suspected the positive argument from silence for infant baptism. I'd dearly like to read this. So a working link to a clear PDF would be welcemed.